We Provide Transportation of goods and Services .

Guaranteed to be there on time.

Fast Service

We live in a world where time is becoming increasingly important to consumers. The speed and convenience of delivery is therefore essential to both the sales and customer service of any internet retailer.

Customer Support

We believe in developing long term relationships with our clients and hence providing quality customer service is our top most priority.

24/7 Support

work 24/7 i.e. every minute, every second someone is there to keep an eye on your hear belongings.  Thus we emancipate our customers from all the logistics anxieties.

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For a dry van trucking service, you can trust Alfajiri Express. As a Trucking service, we can better guarantee delivery times. We’ve continually met the transportation needs of major haulers and industrial companies. Let us prove it to you. Whether it’s local or nationwide freight, Alfajiri Express is your trucking source. Contact us today to experience our high level of customer service and satisfaction.